February 27, 2015

Leading The Herd

Technology has the ability to change how we live and work and nowhere is that more obvious than in the life of a farmer. Just think back to the days when cows were hand milked one at a time, a labour and time intensive activity, to the modern milking machine that allows one farmer to milk up to 350 cows in an hour!

Farming has always been a labour intensive operation and any technology that can introduce new efficiencies and time savings into the long working week, will be a godsend.

Your Herd In Your Hand

This week's Kickstart Your Business feature is Herdwatch, an app that's set to change the way dairy and beef farmers manage livestock. Developed by Fabien Peyaud who, when recently working with the farming sector in an IT capacity, saw first hand the increasing pressures that dairy and beef farmers are under trying to manage their livestock.

Fabien believed mobile technology could make their lives easier and so developed Herdwatch, an app that enables farmers to keep a close eye on their animals at all times.

Word Of Mooth

Gerard noted that Fabien seems to have an instinctive sense of what prospective customers need to see and hear in order be attracted to his offer, and was particularly impressed how Fabien is rewarding existing customers, as well as those just signing up, with his first birthday promotion (he offers one month extra on an annual membership).

Bigger, mainstream brands should take note, as many seem to encourage disloyalty rather than reward loyalty through their switcher campaigns.

Over To You

What other ways can Fabien continue to lead the herd? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think.

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