November 13, 2015

Pubble: Customer Questions Asked & Answered

Although there's a growing range of technologies allowing people talk more easily to one another using any number of devices,  getting in touch with vendors through a typical website can feel pretty one-sided, what the French term a 'deaf conversation'.

With a background in online business, John Dineen of, our featured guest on this week's Kickstart Your Business, was frustrated with how poorly people communicated through websites, typically through the contact forms and email formats that haven't changed in 20 years. He and his colleagues decided to design communication platforms using the latest technologies - chat, WhatsApp, SMS etc - and so Pubble (the anglicisation of the Irish Pobal, meaning community or public) was born.

 Easy To Ask, Easy To Answer

George and Gerard particularly liked the very memorable Easy To Ask, Easy To Answer tagline that John and his team have developed for their business as it captures so well what Pubble does that typical website forms cannot.

However, Gerard suggested that John isn't making the most of their product on the website itself, where the Pubble bubble is bottom right of their screen rather than front and centre inviting an immediate interaction with the curious visitor. With the best advertisement for any product being the product itself, this is a simple opportunity to get people using Pubble and appreciating what it might do for their business and their customers.

Now We Ask, You Answer

What do you suggest John does to get more companies using Pubble to improve their relationships with customers? Listen back to John on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you suggest.

We'd love to hear from you.

Kickstart Your Business is broadcast live on The Right Hook on Newstalk 106 in Ireland every Thursday at 6.20pm, and is available to listen to on Playback immediately afterwards.


John Dineen said...

First off, it was fantastic to meet yourself & George. Thanks so much for featuring Pubble on Kickstarter and now here. We've gotten an amazing response to the show. I totally agree with your suggestion that we could do a better job of showcasing Pubble Messenger on our own website. We've already discussed a few ideas on how best to do this. Will update the site shortly - watch this space ;). Thanks again Ger!!

Gerard Tannam said...

Thanks John -

We've also had a great response to your feature on our side: a great idea and brilliantly executed, so I'm not surprised it's caught our listeners' imagination.

I look forward to seeing Pubble Messenger front and centre on your own site, and front and centre in great customer service everywhere soon!

Ross Good said...

Hi Gerard,

Ross from Pubble here, felt compelled to chip in!

I absolutely loved the interview. It was very clear that both yourself & George were genuinely excited about Pubble, what it can do and more importantly, where it can go - that came through in abundance.

Have to say, John was excellent, calmness personified & he explained Pubble so clearly I think anyone could understand it. For me, John made our mantra - 'Easy to Ask, Easy to Answer' - 'Easy to Understand' also.

Top marks all around, well done!