February 20, 2015

Books Worth Getting Your Digits On

The educational publishing industry has been slow to capitalise on the opportunities for enhanced learning through digital technology.

Think of your average classroom where textbooks are still the order of the day and, where iPads are used, the quality of the digital content available is simply a digitised version of the traditional book. These typical eBooks don't make more of the extraordinary technologies now available to bring the learning experience to life for both student and teacher.

Digitally Enhanced

This week's featured company on Kickstart Your Business was founded by Clive Friary who spotted an opportunity in the market that is notoriously slow to recognise and adapt to the opportunities offered by technology.

His company ePublish offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a range of eBooks through iTunes, and can link through directly from the ePublish website. Given that ePublish promises full interactivity, customers are then likely to be prompted to buy by being able to enjoy some of those interactive features for themselves from the get-go.

Hands-On Advertising

Whilst Clive's products make the most of interactive technologies, his website misses out on the opportunity to showcase his capabilities by performing in a fairly traditional way.

As Gerard suggested, the best advertisement for any product is the product itself. Next best is something that mimics the product and demonstrates its benefits in an immediate way.                                                                     

Over To You

What other ways can Clive better promote his leading-edge products through his website? Listen back to the show on Kickstart Your Business and let us know what you think. 

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